Art And Creativity In Addiction Recovery

Art therapy for substance abuse addiction recovery is an effective tool for rebalancing the brain and helping patients find their path to sobriety. Non-Dominant Hand Drawing. One client took a work email about pandemic-related changes and used it to create blackout poetry, using Microsoft Paint to select words to express herself while covering the rest. Another client created an interactive video game where he tackled his mental health struggles. He shared it with friends and family and it opened the door for others to share about their mental health. If you are interested in trying art therapy, make sure you find an art therapist with the appropriate education and experience.

  • Use a straw to blow out your pain.
  • Add a small symbolic drawing to each photo.
  • Draw a portrait of a past and current self.

What is the feminine and masculine art therapy ideas. This is one of the simplest therapeutic art activities. First, it is discussed in groups how to create a collage on a given topic. During the creative process, the opinions of both groups are taken into account.

What is art therapy?

Additionally, some art therapy directives can be self-guided, but they work best under the guidance of a trained art therapist. When they are finished, ask them to explain how their bridge drawing represents the difficult life transition portrayed in the art. Ask processing questions to further explore their drawing. For example, you could ask about what the body of water might represent for them, or how sturdy and reliable their bridge is, and what it’s like to be where they are in the drawing. I give the clients various drawing tools (these sharpies work really well on the boxes), cardstock in various colors, and I also like to offer these brightly colored index cards.

  • Non-Dominant Hand Drawing.
  • This therapeutic activity is designed to encourage indirect reflection about the origins and effects of a whole host of behavioral health concerns.
  • These two together can make for a great tool to improve mood, increase focus and aide creative rehabilitation.
  • Pleasant memories with loved ones and favorite places and things are our cornerstones, evoking positive, sentimental emotions that promote healthy recovery.

If you cover colored paper with glue and salt, you get beautiful snowdrifts. You can also use toothpaste by squeezing it along the outline. Many people are suggesting art therapy for substance abuse. Through working with these art forms, it may surface new emotions and triggers that will lead to a deeper understanding of one’s addiction. We will only discuss a few of the more common forms of creativity therapy, but keep in mind there are numerous ways for one to express themselves creatively.

Art Therapy and Recovery

Exercise is already an effective way to aid addiction recovery, and dance therapy takes art expression and combines it with physical movement. These two together can make for a great tool to improve mood, increase focus and aide creative rehabilitation. A combination of emotional expression through the art of dance, as well as the release of hormones from physical activity, can increase Learn What Spiritual Malady Is And The Role It Plays In Your Recovery healing on a physical, mental and emotional level. Mental illness and emotional traumas are often the culprits behind substance abuse disorders, and art therapy can be invaluable in managing those exact issues. Group art therapy can also be a helpful treatment option because it allows patients to connect with others like them. They can witness each other’s progress and grow together.

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